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Personal Project | App Design.

The Goal: To help the students deal better with their mental health by creating an app that acted as a liason between them and their school psychiatrist.

The Challenge: Limited budget for a personal project, and limited user research to combat bias in design. 

1) Product Definition: Defining the scope, users, and the end goal of the project was done at this stage. What problem and how was this app was solving were discussed at this stage as well.

2) Product Research: Competitive analysis was conducted. Research was done via user reviews on Google Play app store and physical interviews. The main problems found were: apps not accessible enough, and having important content being premium: a huge pain point for unemployed students. 

3) Analysis: Using the user interviews, it was summarized that the target audience are students situated in North America. They are in need of adequate mental health aid, and are struggling in school. 

4) Design: Designs were created using Figma, and competitor apps such as Wysa and MyPossibleSelf were used as inspiration to maintain familiarity of the UI. Iterations needed UX mentor approval before moving on to the new stage. 

Validation: The Design was simple, and it allowed communication between mental health support and student efficiently. The colors were accessibility friendly and visual hierarchy was paid great attention to.

However, common criticisms were that this design lacked consistency, and there was too much clutter. Thus, future redesigns will be done to address those problems. 

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